Recap: Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte Convening held at UNC Charlotte Center City brought together artists, cultural workers and advocates for professional development, relationship-building and networking to work towards the advancement of the Latinx arts community. Keynote Address included Humans Dignity as the Artist’s Legacy by Quique Aviles, poet, performer and community activist.

Our two-day convening consisted of panel discussions, roundtables, workshops and exhibits designed to support the creative community in and around Charlotte, NC. The event was opened with a performance by El Alma de la Luna Dance Company and Emilio Rodriguez. Herrison Chicas mc’d Nuestras Historias.  Presentations by artists Nico Amortegui, CarlosAlexis Cruz, Rodrigo Dorfman, Maria J. Duran, Diana Farfan, Liza Garza, Irving Juarez and Rosalia Torres-Weiner.  Each artist had the opportunity to share their story and the breadth of work happening across generations, cultures, and creative disciplines in diverse communities in the Southeast.

Other activities included: Resistencia: Arts, Cultura, and Social Activism, Meeting Communities Where They Are, Youth Leading Forward: Aesthetic Interventions and LGBTQ en el Sur; conversations aimed at highlighting current issues, trends and responsibilities and providing deeper understanding of Latinx movements; Workshop topics such as Funding Your Work & Best Practices and Advocacy: Setting the Stage for Success; and performances by Herrison Chicas and Quisol.

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At a Glance
  • Top 3 Disciplines: 1. Visual Arts, 2. Multidisciplinary, 3. Theatre
  • Top 3 Roles: 1. Artist, 2. Other, 3. Student
  • Demographic: 1. Hispanic/Latinx, 2. Caucasian, 3. Black/African-American
  • Largest Age Group: 35-44
  • Attendants: 80

“The Charlotte Regional was down to earth, many-faceted, welcoming, inclusive of the most brilliant, dedicated artists and their supporters, and well-organized.”

“My connection thru NALAC has been a great benefit as I have associated with the NALAC group on Queens University, Charlotte, NC as our Office is on campus.

“Ways to build visibility besides just during Hispanic Heritage Month and ways to get non-Latinx members of the community involved. It’s important to make our work visibility beyond our own communities.”

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