TCR Grant Recipients



In its first two years, the TCR grant program delivered nearly $200,000 in twenty-two international communities. We invite you to learn more about TCR award winning projects that build upon and extend cultural knowledge across borders and result in an ongoing exchange of knowledge, customs and creativity from one country to another.


2013-2014 TCR Awardees

2012-2013 TCR Awardee

2011-2012 TCR Awardees

2010-2011 TCR Awardees

2009-2010 TCR Awardees



2013-2014 TCR Grant Recipients


Reyespoetry (Saginaw, Michigan)
Partner: Quilomboarte (Mexico City, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $4,000
Culture Creators Redefining Chican@/Mexican Identity, Music

To support the transnational cultural exchange of twelve Mexican and Chican@ spoken word/hip hop artists, Culture Creators will utilize the internet, social media, video, music, digital technology, and performance to feature, document, and provide an artistic platform for Mexican and Chican@ artists. As a result, Culture Creators will serve as a forum to discuss issues of social justice, identity development, and culture creation that are relevant in both communities.
Culture Creators will accomplish this by using poetry, story-telling, and hip-hop to create an online virtual experience designed to share work and ideas throughout the various stages of the project.


Ballet Folklorico Moyocoyani Izel (Lincoln Park, Michigan)
Partner: Trio Los Reales de Colima (Colima, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $8,000
La Huasteca Experience, Folk and Traditional Arts

To support the cultural experience of La Huasteca, a region consisting of six states in Mexico. A Huasteca trio plays huapangos. Each state interprets it with a unique style and costume. We, as folkloric dancers and would like to bring a professional trio huasteco to Detroit for our community to experience La Huasteca with live music and dance. In turn, we would like to take our folkloric dancers to experience La Huasteca in Mexico. One of the largest Huasteca events is hosted in Queretaro, Mexico. Thousands of people participate in this Huasteca event as experts are brought in from all areas of Mexico to judge authenticity.


Casa Familiar, Inc (San Ysidro, California)
Partner: Agentes de Arte Contemporaneo/ACA-Agents of Contemporary Art (Tijuana, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $7,000
Translocality: Tijuana/San Ysidro, Multidisciplinary Arts

To support the dynamics of mobility,migration,sociospatial dynamics & processes that inform simultaneous identity formation transcending boundaries. Our collaboration encourages binational connections among cultural agents to kick start dialogues, prioritize common critical issues & promote a contemporary cultural movement. Casa Familiar/The Front collaborating w/Agents of Contemporary Art/ACA will host a series of binational Art Labs/Bi-Labs as the underpinning of the TransLocality exhibition project. Consisting of a transdisciplinary group show & a laboratory of dialogue & critical thinking, between San Ysidro & Tijuana w/trans-border activities through a porous & contested environment,ripe for creative placemaking & dialogue.


Colectivo Altoparlante (Silver Springs, Nevada, Nevada)
Partner: the young women and midwives from Xogapan (Tuxtla, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $9,000
EL SAGRADO FEMENINO: Saberes Que Curan El Cuerpo Y El Alma, Multidisciplinary Arts

To support women and youth in the community of Xogapan, Veracruz by documenting and preserving traditional midwifery practices. Teaching media skills to young women and including them in the documentation process. Working with women and girls to produce a free health resource (book of recetas) for other women in the community. Produce a documentary and literary resource that can be shared with women in Texas that are interested in learning about traditional and natural ways of care throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Have a product that can be sold here (dvd and book of recetas) to support the midwives community work.


Crossroads Gallery, Center for Arts & Culture, University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana)
Partner: El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) (Tijuana, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $5,000
Bordering the Line: A Visual Discourse on the Migration Experience, Multidisciplinary Arts

To support the efforts of Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture (NDCAC) to work w/ MX & US partners to launch a new border art & cultural initiative. This multi-yr. initiative will involve artists & print studios from MX & the US. Yr. 1 funding provides support for 3 bi-national planning meetings involving key partners, artists, print studios & univ. based Latino centers.
We will explore ways that art can communicate & change perceptions about reified categories that continue to obscure communication & learning about the social realties of borders & migration experiences. Artists & scholars will work together to establish rational platforms leading toward re-imagination of complex issues.


Encuentro de Jaraneros of the Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)
Partner: Los Cojolites (Jaltipan, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $7,000
Encuentro de Jaraneros of the Midwest, Music

To support the Son Jarocho Movement, a transnational musical movement involving a resurrected genre of Mexican folk music, by hosting a transnational 5-day festival featuring music workshops, roundtable discussions and performances by Son Jarocho musicians from Mexico and the United States.


Fuerza Unida (San Antonio, Texas)
Partner: K'inal Antsetik (San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $7,000
Conectando Hilos de Justicia, Folk and Traditional Arts

To support fair trade and economic development through the trans-national collaboration of women-led sewing and weaving cooperatives, Hilo de la Justicia and Jolom Mayaetik. Both cooperatives are housed in women-led social justice organizations, Fuerza Unida, a women's worker center in San Antonio, TX and Kinal Antsetik, "Tierra de Mujeres," a center for the capacity building of indigenous women in San Cristobal, Chiapas, MX. Both cooperatives address women's rights and provide business and leadership opportunities for women. Connecting Threads of Justice expands trans-national markets while creating a space for women to share ethnic traditions in garment production and women's empowerment.


Radio Ambulante (San Francisco, California)
Partner: El Faro (San Salvador, El Salvador)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $9,000
Taller de radio narrativa para periodistas de El Faro, Radio and New Media

Para apoyar el intercambio cultural entre Radio Ambulante, un programa de radio narrativo en Estados Unidos, y El Faro, un periódico digital de prensa escrita de El Salvador, solicitamos el apoyo de NALAC. Proponemos un intercambio de talento y conocimiento entre dos proyectos de alta calidad periodística y narrativa: El Faro se ha destacado como uno de los medios digitales independientes más importantes y Radio Ambulante ha renovado el género de la radio narrativa para América Latina. El intercambio consistirá en talleres de radio narrativa para periodistas de El Faro, produciendo nuevo contenido y entrenando nuevos corresponsales para Radio Ambulante.


Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras (Cornerstone Theater Company) (Los Angeles, California)
Partner: iiK (Esquintla, Guatemala)
Transnational Cultural Remittances Award $9,000
TJSF - iiK' Exchange 14-15, Theater

To support the second phase of an international community-engaged theater exchange focusing on returning Guatemalan emigrants. TJSF will travel to Guatemala and work with iiK' to tailor "El Otro lado de la moneda," the piece resulting from the community-engaged collaboration in 2013-2014, to a new region, Escuintla, in south central Guatemala, in which there is a dense population of deported youth and parents.


2012-2013 TCR Grant Recipients


International Sonoran Desert Alliance and Colegio De Bachilleres Del Estado De Sonora (COBACH)
Ajo, AZ and Sonoyta, Mexico
Building Transnational Community through the Arts

To support two international festivals in parntership with the International Sonoran Desert Alliance (based in Ajo, AZ) partners in Sonoyta, Mexico including COBACH (lead partner), DIF, the Casa de la Cultura, and the Sonoyta Mayor's Office. ISDA will introduce new language through song workshops and will hold cultural crafts/traditional practices workshops in both Ajo, AZ and Sonoyta, MX. In addition, ISDA will exhibit a multimedia, border-themed installation in Sonoyta that was developed in an Ajo-Sonoyta-Tohono O'odham collaboration, but it has never yet been shown in Mexico.

Grant Award: $10,000


Carlos Valladares and Arpas En Armonia
New Orleans, LA and Guatemala City, Guatemala
New Orleans/Guatemala Music Education Project

To support artistic exchanges and participation in a series of performances & educational workshops in Guatemala & New Orleans. The project includes two festivals and a series of ongoing virtual and in-person workshops.

Grant Award: $5,000


Media Arts Center San Diego and Centro Cultural de Tijuana
San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico
Frontera Filmmakers Transnational Masters Project

To expand and deepen the infrastructure of the Frontera Filmmakers initiative via a new partnership with the Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT) for the purpose of increasing the capacity to strengthen the development, presentation, networking and appreciation of the transnational San Diego/Tijuana film and media community. This project aims to double membership; to strengthen the impact of the Frontera Filmmakers website; and to promote exchanges between the transnational media production communities through special presentations, networking opportunities, screenings and intergenerational workshops with master filmmakers from and influenced by the San Diego/Tijuana region.

Grant Award: $8,200


Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras and iiK Theater Group
Los Angeles, CA and Guatemala
TJSF Guatemalan Collaboration

To support a collaboration with iiK Theater Group in Guatemala. TJSF hopes to further arm themselves with performance techniques and stories to better bridge the cultural divides they face, while at the same time working in a performance and cultural exchange with an up-and-coming Guatemalan theater company. The desired impact is to strengthen the bonds between immigrants that have been deported and those living in the US. We hope to shed light on the experiences of both groups, through cultural exchange, story telling, and artistic expression. Each applicant, iiK and TJSF, will learn new perspectives on collaborative theater-making and hone their existing skills by teaching each other in their own areas of expertise. The project will yield a short play, which will be documented in video and shared with the day laborer and immigrant community in Los Angeles as well as the returning emigrant community in Guatemala. This will spread the work of both theater groups and will plant seeds, we hope, for future artistic collaborations between other organizations, as well as promoting the skill and mission of iiK and TJSF both.

Grant Award: $8,200


Fuerza Unida and K'Inal Antsetik
San Antonio, TX and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Conectando Hilos de la Justicia - Connecting Threads of Justice

To support the expansion of markets trans-nationally, while strengthening individual economic participation by providing jobs to women of color, ranging in ages, experiences and sewing skills. In the coming year, we'd like to expand our collective learning through more in-depth capacity building with several sewing cooperatives in Chiapas.This project started three years ago, between three women-led sewing cooperatives in Mexico and the U.S. This year, Fuerza Unida is partnering with Jolom Mayaetik and four other women-led cooeratives in Chiapas via K'inal Antsetik, "Land of Women," a center for the capacity building of indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico.

Grant Award: $8,100


Claudia Bernardi/ Walls of Hope and The International Commission of the Red Cross ICRC
Berkeley, CA and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
ART AGAINST BRUTALITY, Walls of Hope, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

To create a mural designed and painted by youth directly affected by violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in collaboration with three Salvadoran artists and one Argentine artist from the School of Art in Perquin, El Salvador. The young participants of this mural were small children at the time their mothers, sisters, cousins and young aunts, were murdered victims of femicides. This mural will constitute the first effort to provide a venue to remember what happened in Ciudad Juarez, seen from the perspective of youth that, up until this moment, have remained voiceless.

TCR Grant Award: $5,700


Borderlands Theater and Circulo Teatral
Tucson, AZ and Mexico, D.F.
Una Frontera:Dos Lados/One Border:Two Sides

To support the development and production in Tucson and Mexico City of two plays in transnational collaboration between lead applicant Borderlands Theater and partner applicant El Circulo Teatral. The project will also lead to the establishment of the first Arizona Border Performance Encuentro. The project will provide artists with strategies for dramaturgical research, trans-national collaboration and community engagement.

Grant Award: $5,000


Son en Movimiento and Colectivo Altepee
Austin, TX and Acayucan, Veracruz, Mexico
Sustainable Development in Transnational Fandango Communities

The strengthen a transnational partnership between two grassroots organizations that build community through the musica de jarana and fandango traditions of southern Veracruz, Mexico. Son en Movimiento and Colectivo Altepee will work together through cultural immersion, construction of traditional instruments, media documentation of indigenous experiences, and support for handmade craftwork.

TCR Grant Award: $7,800


Intake Organization, Inc. and Marimba Union Musical
Stamford, CT and Antigua. Guatemala
Marimba: the National Sound of Guatemala (Marimba, el Sonido Nacional de Guatemala)

To support two professional music instructors to travel to Zacatepéquez and study native repertoire on the marimba, taught by ear by Unión Musical bandleader. Given the lack of sheet-music and method books, traditional repertoire for the marimba risks being lost. A native marimba will be brought back to Stamford, and taught to Native Instrument Academy students. A concert partnership will occur in Stamford.

Grant Award: $7,700



2011-2012 TCR Grant Recipients


Fuerza Unida and Jolom Mayaetik
USA and Mexico
Project: Connecting Threads of Justice

Description: The project "Connecting Threads of Justice" is an initiative between three cooperatives including Fuerza Unida in San Antonio, Dignity and Justice Maquiladora in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico and Jolom Mayaetik in San Cristobal, Mexico. Through exchange of cultural skills, creative ideas and technical support, the project aims to expand markets transnationally, while strengthening individual economic participation by providing jobs to elder women of color who have working experience and sewing skills.

Grant Award: $6,054


Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos and Fundacion Cultural Alfredo Zalce A.C.
USA and Mexico
Project: Migrantes: La Identidad Mas Alla De La Frontera

Description: "Migrantes: La Identidad Mas Alla De La Frontera" will integrate the creation of visual and literary artworks focusing on contemporary interpretations of migration. The exchange and collaboration will result in a series of exhibitions in Michoacán and Illinois.

Grant Award: $11,054


Michelle Angela Ortiz and Colectivo Rezizte (y Colective Madrono)
USA and Mexico
Project: Aqui y Alla

Description: "Aqui y Alla" is a public art project that will explore the impact of immigration in the lives of Mexican immigrant youth in South Philadelphia and Chihuahua Mexico. This project seeks to work simultaneously on both sides of the border, Chihuahua and Philadelphia, and join the two cultural worlds through the vision of young people in communities across the United States and Mexico.

Grant Award: $11,563


Futuro Media Group and The GraciasVida Center for Media
USA and Guatemala
Project: El Mapa

Description: To support the research, development and production of a special thematic series of arts and cultural programs designed to illuminate the cultural diversity and transnational connections between multicultural communities reshaping the American cultural map. "El Mapa" - The Map will be broadcast nationally via National Public Radio on Latino USA.

Grant Award: $6889


Nameless Sound and Escuela Nacional de Música, UNAM
USA and Mexico
Project: Acuerdo de Música Libre/Free Music

Description: The Acuerdo de Música Libre/Free Music Agreement is an international festival of improvised music featuring seven musicians from México City and Houston, Texas, with activities that include six public performances and six community workshops in México City and Houston, organized in collaboration with the Escuela Nacional de Música, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (ENM-UNAM).

Grant Award: $8,000


La Pocha Nostra and La Perrea Laboratorio de Arte Re-Activo
USA and Mexico

Description: Funding for San Francisco's Performance Art Institute in January 2012 and at facilities of La Perrera in Oacaxa, Mexico in August 2012.

Grant Award: $10,250


Galeria de La Raza and El Frente en Defensa de Wirikuta
USA and Mexico 

Description: The collaborative project will consist of an artist residency, a traveling exhibtition and panel discussions addressing the impact of global corporations in the region of Wirikuta. The exhibition and residency will feature contemporary Mexican artists who incorporate Wixarika (Huichol) craft and iconography into their practice.

Grant Award: $9,313


Escuer Collective/ONIX Ensamble and San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF)
Mexico and USA
Project: Viva Zapata

Description: Viva Zapata is a collaborative effort resulting in a multidisciplinary experience that fuses music, video, projections and new media to interpret the idea of land ownership and migration.

Grant Award: $8,938


2010-2011 TCR Grant Recipients


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, Inc. and Escuela Regional de Danza Pedro Cano
USA and Mexico
Project: Dance Re/Creation: Artistic Development of Suite from Two Perspectives

Description: Calpulli will partner Escuela Nacional de Danza Pedro Cano in the state of Guerrero in Mexico on the creation and recreation of a dance suite exchange based on the partner's roots in Mexico and Calpulli's home in New York City.

Grant Amount: $8,200


Cara Mía Theatre Co. and El Laboratorio de la Máscara
USA and Mexico
Project: US-Mexican History through Folk Masks from Michoacan

Description: To develop an artistic partnership between Cara Mia Theatre in Dallas and El Laboratorio de la Mascara in Mexico City which will create a theatrical adaptation of Rudolfo Anaya's "Bless Me, Ultima" using traditional Mexican folk masks.

Grant Amount: $11,000


Centro del Obrero Fronterizo Inc. (dba La Mujer Obrera) and Los Utrera
USA and Mexico
Project: Enlaces de Resistencia Cultural Mexicana

Description: To strengthen marginalized Mexican communities and their organizations on the US-Mexican border and the state of Veracruz by deepening and documenting community-based practices as both an act of resistance to globalization's destruction and as a vehicle for building sustainable communities.

Grant Amount: $5,000


Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and Habla
USA and Mexico
Project: 2010-2011 CAPE/Habla Community Engagement Project

Description: To co-develop cultural exchanges and deepen community involvement among young people, artists, educators and marginalized groups from Chicago and Merida, Mexico through collaborative projects and internet exchanges.

Grant Amount: $10,000


Cornerstone Theater and Alcalde Municipal Ciudad de San Julian
USA and El Salvador
Project: Cruzando Fronteras

Description: To create an exchange between Teatro Jornaleros Sin Fronteros in Los Angeles and the municipality of San Julian, El Salvador to increase understanding of the realities of the migrant experience through theater workshops, video documentation and internet dialogue.

Grant Amount: $11,600


Esperanza Peace and Justice Center and Taller Leñateros
USA and Mexico
Project: Taller Lenateros y Cooperativa MujerArtes Collaboration

Description: To strengthen cultural exchange between Taller Lenateros in Chiapas and MujerArtes inSan Antonio via community education, workshops, cultural grounding, bridge-building through storytelling and the development of independent economies through promotion and support of cooperativas.

Grant Amount: $8,200


ID Studio Theater Performance and Research Center, Inc. and Caja Ludica
USA and Guatemala
Project: Caja Ludica/ID Studio Theater Community-Based Theater Collaboration (CBTC)

Description: To organize and advance a cross-cultural exchange between ID Studio in New York and Caja Ludica in Guatemala City to train actors in "Theater for the Street" methodologies to empower immigrant communities to address issues of social justice, human rights and transnational diaspora.

Grant Amount: $3,200


Institute for Social and Cultural Practice and Research, Inc. and Instituto de Investigacion y Practica Social y Cultural A.C.
USA and Mexico
Project: Tequitilis.TV

Description: To consolidate and strengthen communication, education, community organizing, commerce and trans-local solidarity between Tlaxcalan migrant communities in New haven, CT and and their families in Tlaxcala, Mexico through the creation of the Tequitilis.TV website.

Grant Amount: $5,000


Macondo Foundation, Elena Poniatowska and ELIAC
USA and Mexico
Project: Translingual Poetics and Prose

Description: To conduct a three-day writers' workshop in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca as a partnership between Sandra Cisneros' Macondo Institute, Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska and ELIAC (Escritores en Lenguas Indigenas Asociacion Civil).

Grant Amount: $9,900


Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and La Casa del Tunel
USA and Mexico
Project: DF>SF>TJ

Description: To support DF>TJ>SF, a series of workshops, interventions and a travelling exhibition which will deepen cultural exchange between the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco; La Casa del Tunel and the Torolab Collective in Tijuana; and artists and curators from Mexico City.

Grant Amount: $5,400


National Day Laborer Organizing Network and La Central Del Pueblo Centro de Artes Libres, AC
USA and Mexico
Project: Paper Tigers (Tigres de Papel)

Description: To create a bi-national project with artists from the US and Mexico City aimed at elevating the voices of migrant workers via hand-printed posters and online tools; and to conduct online gatherings to discuss role of political poster art and the current migration climate on both sides of the border.  

Grant Amount: $7,500


2009-2010 TCR Grant Recipients


Anthony Turok and Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame
Mexico and USA
Project: Oaxaca: A Changing Society

Description: In this project, Turok will work with two institutions in the United States, the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) in Los Angeles and the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) at the University of Notre Dame, to create an interactive website that will be available to virtually anyone interested in learning about the Oaxaqeños, the issues they face during these challenging times, and their traditions, art, culture and religious and social rites. The project will include: media documentation of transnational art and cultural practices; creation of new works reflecting transnational influences; oral histories that emphasize community traditions; the interactive website; capacity-building efforts aimed at strengthening exemplary transnational cultural activities; and workshops and lectures on the project.
Grant Amount: $10,000


Chicago Arts Partnership in Education and Habla: The Center for Language and Culture
USA and Mexico
Project: CAPE - Habla Exchange Project

Description: This is an educational exchange project that seeks to serve marginalized communities and schools in Mexico and the United States by deepening and documenting an international artistic collaboration, based in multi-lingual and arts integrated teaching techniques. In one aspect of this project, students, teachers, artists, and parents from Telpochcalli Elementary School in Chicago will collaborate with artists, students, teachers, and parents working within the Mayan community served by the Habla Center in Merida, Mexico. By creating professional dialogues among Mexican and Mexican-American artists about contemporary and traditional Mexican art practice they will provide students with access to a wide range of culturally-based contemporary expression and inspire the creation of substantive, challenging and engaging curriculum, weaving together contemporary and traditional arts, cultures, languages and histories.
Grant Amount: $10,000


Claudia Bernardi, Walls of Hope and Equipo de Capacitación y de Ayuda Psicosocial (ECAP)
USA and Guatemala
Project: Walls of Hope: Guatemala

Description: This project works with victims of political violence in Guatemala, teaching art and mural making. Project artist/teachers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Argentina all share the experience of surviving civil strife and violence and work to bring creativity and healing to participants. Renowned Argentine artist Claudia Bernardi is expanding “The Perquin Model” beyond The School of Art and Open Studios of Perquín in Morazán, El Salvador to Guatemala. This is a community based project that engages children, youth and adults in the creation of art as a component of community building and cross cultural exchange.
Grant Amount: $10,000


Consejo Fronterizo de Arte Y Cultura and Avenue 50 Studio
Mexico and USA
Project: "Home Intervention Mural" (HIM) Project

Description: In this project, two groups, “El colectivo 4” in Tijuana and “Uno9siete colectivo” in Los Angeles, will work together in the neighborhoods of Colonia Federal, Tijuana, Mexico and Highland Park, Los Angeles to create eight “Home Intervention Murals” within a two-year period. The nature of the exchange is to expand an existing COFAC program in Tijuana, “Transferencia,” funded by CONACULTA, the Federal government in Mexico, by duplicating it in Highland Park. Artists from Tijuana will be teamed with artists from Los Angeles to produce exterior murals on homes. Home owners will be active participants in the design, content, and caretaking of the mural.

Grant Amount: $10,000


Cornerstone Theater
Project: Teatro Jornaleros Sin Fronteras: Cruzando Fronteras

Description: Goals for the planning project include: Determine who is engaged in acts of cultural remittance and what is the nature of these exchanges; Identify how TJSF might formalize these processes into a program that still serves TJSF's mission to improve the lives of day laborers everywhere; Investigate potential international partners for the Cruzando Fronteras program; Use its findings to inform the articulation and advocacy of a progressive immigration agenda.

Grant Amount: $9,000


DESGUA/Desarollo Economico por una Sustentable Guatemala, Grupo Maya K’iche and Grupo Mujeres Maya
USA and Guatemala
Project: Grupo Maya k’iche/Grupo Mujeres Maya 

Description: This is an artisanal economic exchange project; the goal is to develop sustainable fair trade small businesses in Guatemala and connect them with immigrants from those communities in the U.S., both for import/export potential and to create stronger cross-border cultural and economic ties. Grupo Mujeres Maya, mostly single mothers of an older generation in Guatemala who seek to retain their traditional textile patterns in their woven products, will send those goods to Grupo Maya K’iche in NYC who will fit them into products that will sell in the U.S. marketplace.

Grant Amount: $12,000


Fuerza Unida and Jolom Mayaetik
USA and Mexico
Project: Connecting Threads of Justice

Description: This is a cultural and economic exchange project. The two organizations met three years ago during the Women & Fair Trade Sale & Cultural Gathering. Since then they have exchanged ideas each year when they see each other at the Fair Trade Sale. They seek to enrich their craftsmanship and expand the market for their wares through a cultural exchange, by way of regular visits to their workplaces in Chiapas, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas, to learn from each other and offer workshops and presentations to their local communities.

Grant Amount: $15,000


La Pocha Nostra and La Perrera
USA and Mexico
Project: Transbordador: Pocha-Perrera

Description: This performance art project will consist of a series of two, two-week international performance art schools for up to 30 artists, activists, scholars and curators at the facilities of La Perrera in Oaxaca, Mexico in August 2010 and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Arizona in January 2011. Participants will work intensively for six to eight hours per day in La Pocha’s pedagogic model with artistic director Guillermo Gómez-Peña and troupe members/instructors Michele Ceballos, Violeta Luna and Roberto Sifuentes. Workshops will culminate in public performances at La Perrera and MOCA.

Grant Amount: $10,000


Macondo Foundation, Inc. and Elena Poniatowska
USA and Mexico
Project: Translingual Poetics and Prose

Description: This Translingual Poetics and Prose planning grant would be used to bring contemporary Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska to San Antonio, Texas to dialogue with author Sandra Cisneros and develop a grant proposal for 2010 in collaboration with the Macondo Foundation to hold a series of translingual and transnational writing workshops with professional writers in Mexico and the U.S. Initial workshop and seminar topics would include topics such as translation, translingual poetics, testimonio genre, storytelling and more. International exchanges, especially with Mexican writers, are a natural next step for the Macondo Writers’ Workshop group, which has been successfully organizing writing workshops for more than ten years.

Grant Amount: $2,500


Michelle Angela Ortiz and La Semilla Proyecto de Creatividad Infantil S.C.
USA and Mexico
Project: El Viaje

Description: “El Viaje” is a cultural exchange project that focuses on Mexican families that have migrated to South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by initiating a shared dialogue about their struggles, sacrifices, triumphs and realities as immigrants in the US. The first phase of this project involves a collaboration with artist Nora Hiriart Litz, providing 10 intensive workshops to eight families which were engaged in: open dialogue, writing, basic printmaking, painting techniques and video to record their stories as members of the emerging immigrant community in South Philadelphia. The second phase of this project is to deliver the documentary video, personal letters and a narrative book created by our participants to their families residing in San Mateo Ozolco, Puebla, Mexico. Those families will be offered a series of intensive art-making (mural, mosaic, printmaking, painting) workshops. The workshops will be geared to exploring their reactions to being left behind by family members who have immigrated to the United States. These workshops will be documented in video and photographs, and the families in Mexico will have an opportunity to respond to the artwork created by their families in the United States.

Grant Award: $3,500


Nameless Sound and Escuela Nacional de Música from Universidad Autónoma de México
USA and Mexico
Project: Acuerdo de Música Libre/ Free Music Agreement (working title)

Description: The request is for a music festival to be held in Mexico City and Houston. Utilizing Creative Music, project goals are: to foster and encourage long-term transnational musical collaboration among U.S. and Mexican musicians; to shed light on Mexican improvised and Creative Music; present community workshops that use Creative Music as a tool for addressing issues of diversity, group-awareness, self-awareness, problem solving and creativity.

Grant Award: $15,000