Staff News: With Gratitude

Recently the staff team gathered to celebrate Adriana Gallego and herexpansive impact on the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures over the last eight years. It is a bittersweet occasion as we announce that Adriana is concluding her tenure as Chief Operating Officer at NALAC. We congratulate her and her husband Claudio Dicochea on their upcoming move closer to home in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Borderlands.

Adriana has utilized her creativity, skills, and an approach rooted in equity and justice in order to impact every area of the organization — and in particular our programs in grantmaking, leadership, and arts advocacy. We also extend our thanks to Claudio, a longtime collaborator of NALAC, most recently via our national research initiatives and as an adjunct faculty member of the NALAC Leadership Institute.

At many of our gatherings Adriana would often quote the Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez: “Yo he preferido hablar de cosas imposibles porque de lo posible se sabe demasiado [I prefer to speak of impossible things, because we already know too much about the possible].” It is with that future-forward spirit that we extend our gratitude to Adriana and Claudio as they create, write, and blur borders desde la frontera.