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Executive Director



Are you a strategic thinker who is passionate about developing and implementing innovative strategies for grants that will expand access to the arts in all communities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? If so, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts is interested in you.

The search is on for an experienced Executive Director to serve as the principal advisor to the Council and to champion the agency to the Governor's Office, Legislative Offices, state agencies, non-state agencies, and organizations at the highest level. The Executive Director is the chief executive officer for the Council on the Arts. The Executive Director also oversees the administration of statewide grants programs, and provides information, advice, and leadership about the encouragement and development of the arts in Pennsylvania for the benefit of all its citizens.

If you are a seasoned administrator with a Master's degree in an arts field or equivalent experience in the field, and a minimum of ten years of experience in the arts, including five years in managing arts and/or arts granting organizations involving one or multiple disciplines, apply today!




  • Develops with the council and the public, articulates, and maintains a mission and strategic plan with goals and objectives to implement the plan, incorporating:
    • Opportunities for the arts to support public policy in the areas of community and economic development, education, criminal justice, aging, accessibility for people with all levels of abilities and diversity, including social, economic, geographic, ethnic (immigrant artists and communities, ) and LGBTQ.
    • Working with other state agencies to find commonalities or collaborative state programs and funding.
    • Innovative strategies to streamline the grantmaking process.
    • Innovative programs to enhance the lives of artists living and working in Pennsylvania.
  • Keeps informed of developments occurring in the arts, within and outside the state and nation, for use in formulating objectives, responding to challenges, and taking advantage of opportunities. Monitors international, national, state and local events, trends, and programs in the various arts disciplines to develop policy and program recommendations.
  • Extensive travel within the state is required to remain informed about local circumstances and opportunities and to maintain communication between the PCA and the field. This includes meeting with state legislators, local government officials and representatives of other state and federal agencies and is especially necessary for rural and poor urban locations who do not have access to contemporary technology.
  • Develops programs, services, partnerships, and initiatives that advance the mission of the agency.
  • Directs a professional, administrative, and clerical staff of 10 full-time people and some part-time consultants/contractors to effectively, efficiently and ethically discharge their duties within the laws and regulations that govern the agency.
  • Provides overall direction to staff engaged in facilitating the evaluation of applications for grants by peer review panels, assisting potential grantees in developing acceptable applications, providing technical assistance to arts organizations, advocating adoption of policy and action on grant applications before Council Members, monitoring the contractual compliance of grantees, and internally administering the agency operations.
  • Is a prominent champion for the arts in the Commonwealth.
  • Provides constructive criticism and advice to arts organizations, without censoring or unduly influencing the content of artistic production, to encourage freedom of creativity and advancement of the arts.
  • Develops agendas with the Chairman of the Council for committee and ad hoc meetings.
  • Leads and supports the Council in its planning process and the establishment of a mission, goals and objectives for a strategic plan for the agency.
  • Enables and assists Council and staff to conceive and implement initiatives and strategies to maximize Council's impact on the health of the arts in service to the people of the state.
  • Recommends policy regarding program initiatives and methods of encouraging development of the arts.
  • Pennsylvania is a diverse state with 67 counties that encompasses two major metropolitan areas, several small cities and the third largest rural population of any U.S. state. The successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to relate to people in diverse communities.



A Master's degree in an arts or humanities field, and ten years of experience in the arts including five years in managing arts organizations involving multiple disciplines.


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.

NOTE: extensive travel within and outside the state and nation is required.

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