Manos a la Obra Compilation Video:

Call for Video Submissions

The chosen theme for the NALAC Latinx Summit in 2021 is “Manos a la Obra.”

In Spanish it literally means “Hands to the Work” (or “To the Labor” or “To the Task.”) Colloquially it is used to say “Let’s get to work.” Mixed with a collective spirit of “all hands on deck,” it is as much an invitation as it is an urgent call for everyone to be deeply involved and knee-deep in whatever happens next.

As with all words and translations, what this actually means is defined by our communities. Its meaning is brought to life in our everyday lived experiences.

Instead of accepting or assuming one single interpretation or definition, we see this as an opportunity to invite Latinx communities of artists, culture-makers, leaders and advocates to SHOW us what this means.

The “Manos a la Obra” compilation video is a visual project that will showcase the diverse kinds of “hands”—both literal and metaphorical—that allow Latinx communities to do the work, while also showcasing the objects, the people, and the spaces where the work happens.

The Call

  • Film + send us three 10-second video clips of what “Manos” means to you
  • Film + send us three 10-second video clips of the “Obra” that you and/or your community are involved in

What do we want to see filmed and showcased in the video?

  • Show us the “hands” (both literal and metaphorical) that allow you to do your work. Examples: Closeup shots of hands playing instruments, cooking, carving, painting…; Metaphorical “hands”: grandmothers making food, activists getting signatures, organizers knocking on doors…
  • Show us the work that you do (e.g. the objects, art, spaces, people that ARE the work.) Examples: Objects: paintings, videos, crafts, easels, performances, collections, art exhibits; Places: Community spaces, city hall, artists studios; People: Nuestra gente!
Use the form below to submit your videos.

Submitting from a mobile device use this link:

Tech Guidelines

How to film it
  • Film in landscape / horizontal.
    • Anything filmed vertically will not be used.
  • 1080p (HD) ideally / 720p min.
    • We will not accept anything less than 720p. We will not accept anything filmed in 2k or 4k.
  • Sound will not be used
  • Film in .mp4 or .mov
  • Keep it stable from start to finish ie. Not shaky.
    • Anything too shaky will not be used.
  • Keep it sharp and in focus.
    • Anything blurry or out of focus will not be used.
How to label the file
  • Person/Community_Place_TypeNumber
  • For example:
    • LuisGarza_SanAntonio_Manos1
    • JuanaSmith_Miami_Obra