NALAC Releases 2023 Impact Report   

The report highlights the organization’s 34 years of service to the Latinx arts and culture field. 

October 11, 2023, San Antonio, Texas – The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) announces the release of its 34-year impact report. Analyzing over three decades of work, the report showcases NALAC’s transformative contributions to the Latinx arts and cultural landscape across the nation.

This report has been spearheaded by María López De León, who served as NALAC’s president and CEO for over twenty-five years and who recently announced her retirement. This impact report advances NALAC’s dedication to transparency and accountability to the field. The report spans from 1989 through 2023 and reflects the collection of information and historical research compiled by the organization’s dedicated board of directors, staff members, and a variety of special advisors.

“NALAC’s journey is a testament to the dedication, resistance, and power of arts and culture in our Latinx communities. In the face of many social and economic challenges, we’ve invested deeply in creativity and advocated for justice. As NALAC looks ahead, we remain committed to serving diverse creators, knowing that arts and culture are essential to our humanity and our collective futures,” said María López De León.

Since its inception, NALAC has played a vital role in supporting and empowering Latinx artists, arts organizations, and culture bearers, extending its reach far beyond its Texas-based headquarters on the West Side of San Antonio. Over more than three decades, NALAC has invested in and partnered with communities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, helping to build local power for cultural leaders and advancing the national recognition of Latinx cultural contributions throughout the nation.

NALAC’s commitment to providing support has been integral in developing programs that deliver resources to engage and uplift the Latinx arts and culture community. The NALAC Fund for the Arts (NFA) remains the only national grant program exclusively dedicated to investing in Latinx arts and cultures. Since its development in 2005, the program has awarded over 1,200 grants, reflecting an investment of $7.5M to artists, ensembles, and organizations.

NALAC’s leadership programs bring together artists, arts administrators, and cultural leaders from across the nation for leadership and advocacy training. The programs have extended beyond professional development by providing rare spaces for discussions, inquiry, and innovation. NALAC has celebrated 647 leadership alumni, with interest and growth in our programs expanding every year.

NALAC aims to engage stakeholders (e.g., artists, donors, alums, grantees, institutional partners, and community members) by reflecting on what has worked well and what can be built upon for the future. The report showcases the importance of supporting Latinx artists and cultural practitioners, promoting diversity and nurturing societal creativity.

“The impact report not only looks back at the milestones achieved but also serves as a guiding light for future impact, learning, and research,” said Lucila Lagace, NALAC’s manager of research.  “Through the report, NALAC hopes to highlight the transformative power of arts and culture in creating social change and building stronger, more connected communities.”

By sharing these outcomes and the impact of their efforts, NALAC seeks to inspire others to join in their mission and further advocate for the vital role of the arts in shaping a more inclusive and vibrant future for all.

View the 2023 NALAC Impact Report.


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