NALAC Programs Team welcomes Mari Hernandez & Alyssa Pineda

San Antonio, TX, January 19, 2022 — The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) announces the hiring of Mari Hernandez as the organization’s new Program Manager, Leadership Institutes & Convenings, and Alyssa Pineda as the new Program Associate. In collaboration, Mari and Alyssa’s work will bolster leadership development, grow networks and partnerships, and provide financial resources for those front-line artists and organizations involved in effecting change through arts and culture.

“An alum of NALAC leadership institutes- Mari Hernandez brings an impressive acumen of arts administration, the deep practice of a nationally recognized visual artist and a profound track record of meaningful, collaborative cultural work within the San Antonio cultural ecology. Her catalytic leadership will spark a new generation of Latinx cultural arts leaders and policy advocates,” said Alberto Mejia, Deputy Director of NALAC. “Alyssa Pineda brings a wealth of experience in cultural business processes, dynamic and inclusive program curation and creative entrepreneurship. We are so honored to have them join our team and eager to share the gifts they offer the field.”

More about our newest team members:

Mari Hernandez

Program Manager, Leadership Institutes
& Convenings

Mari Hernandez is an Arts Administrator and Artist with nearly 20 years of experience in the nonprofit arts and leadership sector. She earned her BA in English from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She most recently served as the Education Manager for Blue Star Contemporary (BSC) where she provided strategic oversight for BSC’s education department. Prior to BSC, Hernandez was the Program Manager at San Anto Cultural Arts. She is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant and The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) Fund for the Arts Grant and has shown her work locally, nationally, and internationally. She is an alumna of NALAC’s Leadership Institute and Advocacy Leadership Institute. As a community servant, educator, and artist with skills in critical and creative writing, Hernandez has substantial knowledge in developing, facilitating, and managing programs and outreach.

Alyssa Pineda

Program Associate

Alyssa Pineda was and raised in San Antonio, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree of Criminal Justice from The University of Texas in SA. Prior to working at NALAC, Alyssa brings her field experience in Theater Management and Festival Coordination from her time at The Majestic & Charline McCombs Empire Theatre, SXSW and Sundance Film Festival. Alyssa hopes to continue her education of the arts through advocacy and community. She is passionate about environmentalism, breaking generational trauma and barriers, as well as carving out safe accessible spaces to not only explore creativity but to encourage curiosity of expression through art.


About NALAC 

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