Zully Juarez

  • Arts Education
  • Los Angeles, CA

Zully Juarez currently lives in Huntingiton Park, California but is orgianally from South Central Los Angeles with roots in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. She is a curator of cultural events centered around the Guatemalan Maya diaspora and the cultural expression of indigenous migrant communities in Los Angeles. She is a founding member of LA Comunidad Ixim, a collective of Guatemalan and Maya people that provides cultural events and programming focused on oral history, art, and cultural practice that centers on the experiences of indigenous people. In 2017, Ixim released Colors of Guatemala: Las Aventuras de Gaby, a children’s coloring book that opens the possibility for the reader to have a critical discussion with children about memory, the Guatemalan Civil War, and the experience of migration through art and storytelling. The book also includes various Maya languages and culturally relevant activities. Her work as a curator of cultural events stems from her particular interest in creating spaces that honor Maya communities’ hxstories, knowledge, experiences, and creativity. In doing so she also honors her own Maya Q’anjob’al community and identity. Zully is also the Senior Research & Policy Analyst with the Just Solutions Collective where she provides research and analysis of environmental justice policies, procedures, and law to inform BIPOC frontline policy practitioners and decision-makers.