Yura Sapi

  • Interdisciplinary
  • New Hyde Park, NY

Yura Sapi (they/them) is a visionary leader, creative activist, and interdisciplinary artist dedicated to co-creating joyful and abundant futures in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. Yura is Indigenous Kichwa, with Ecuadorian and Colombian citizenship and a lifelong connection to their birthplace on Manahatta island. Embracing their Kichwa name, Yura embodies strong roots and a profound connection to trees and plants. Through their new nonprofit organization, LiberArte Inc., Yura collaborates to nurture artists for a thriving planet.

“The NALAC Leadership Institute offers a transformative opportunity to fortify my skills and broaden my horizons as I navigate steering a newly established nonprofit. I am excited to immerse myself in invaluable insights on nonprofit management, marketing, and fundraising, aligning seamlessly with my mission of supporting Latin American artists globally.”