Teo Castellanos,2019 NALAC Fund for the Arts, Artist/Ensemble Grantee

Teo Castellanos D-Projects

  • Theatre (non-musical)
  • Miami, FL
F/Punk Junkies

To support the development phase of Teo Castellanos D-Projects’s new dance theater production “F/Punk Junkies”. This piece will bring their continued development of an “AfroRican Punk” aesthetic to the forefront, which breaks away from traditional Eurocentric proscenium theater and returns to the ritual and interactive performance circle. It will be performed by their Latinx and Black company, and focus on older and culturally trained bodies of color. Text will be based on stories of Elegua the trickster/shapeshifter Orisha of Yoruba pantheon, as well as Puerto Rican folk myths. The project is a collaboration with Afro Brazilian choreographer Augusto Soledade and DJ Brimstone.