Soley Melissa Esteves

  • Non-Arts/Non-Humanities
  • Warwick, NY

Soley Esteves is the Director of Programs & Operations at Creatives Rebuild New York. She manages the administrative, programmatic, and financial operations of CRNY’s Artist Employment and Guaranteed Income programs. Prior to this role, she provided creative, budgetary, and operational oversight for arts and cultural programming at the American Museum of Natural History. She has robust experience in establishing new and cultivating existing partnerships in pursuit of various strategic, research, & outreach goals and excels at project managing interdisciplinary teams towards creative pursuits. She holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Museum Studies from New York University.

“I am excited to learn about the implementation of advocacy agendas in support of artist livelihoods and their worker rights, the logistics behind these campaigns & and what makes them tick! And as a boriqua, I am also particularly eager to learn more about initiatives in support of Puerto Rican artists and artistry.”