Shirley A Pizarro

  • Non-Arts/Non-Humanities
  • Dallas, TX

Shirley Pizarro (she/her) was an educator for over twenty years. Awarded teacher of the month and year multiple times, she has helped develop a curriculum for reading, language arts, social studies, the 4H Club, and Cara Mia Theater in the Educational Department and worked as an organizer for The American Federation of Teachers, addressing issues like overcrowded classrooms, lack of resources, and teacher pay. She organized visits to the Texas State Capitol with LatinX parents and teachers to voice these concerns with their elected representatives and organized parents-to-city budget meetings to reclaim funds for an arts summer program for kids. Shirley Pizarro advocates for the community, students, and arts community.

“What excites me about attending NALAC is the power of connecting with people around the USA. who face the same challenges and interests. Together, we can learn and empower each other with NALAC guidance. The beginning of a new vision connecting cultures, knowledge, and advocacy for the arts community!”