Sen Mendez

  • Visual Arts
  • Oakland, CA

Sen Mendez (they/them) is a non-binary indigenous (Otomí and Nahua-Pipil) interdisciplinary artist, cultural practitioner, and educator born and rooted in Huichin Ohlone Territory/Oakland, California. Their art practice employs block printing and visual storytelling to create a decolonized space for community engagement within the intersections of LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Disabled, Refugees, and Immigrant individuals to empower personal narratives and envision futures of collective liberation and intergenerational trauma healing. The ubiquitous nature of Sen’s work, empowering everpresent marginalized narratives, has allowed them to showcase their work in California, Texas, and France and to be published in magazines, art books, and anthologies.

“In this program, I wish to represent for 2Spirit, Transgender, Indigenous individuals, artists, cultural practitioners, and advocates. My role is multifaceted, encompassing strengths such as creating spaces for individuals to articulate and develop their visions and fostering personal and collective growth. My personal mantra is, ‘I have medicine to contribute and there is space for me.'”