Raúl Romero, 2019 NALAC Fund for the Arts, Artist/Ensemble Grantee

Raúl José Romero

  • Visual Arts
  • Philadelphia, PA
Onomanopoetics of a Puerto Rican Landscape

To support Raúl José Romero’s project, Onomonopoetics of a Puerto Rican Landscape,  exploring the significance of el Coquí, the small iconic frog that is native to PR and an onomatopoeia named by the Tainos. The sounds of the Coquí will be played on a prominent street in Philadelphia’s PR neighborhood. Sculptures of satellites will imply a connection between places. Audio Ecologists will record stories from people and their memories to the sound which will be available online through a Puerto Rican community-based cultural organization. It has been awarded $5,000 from the Velocity Fund Grant, an Andy Warhol Foundation regional regranting program.