• Interdisciplinary
  • Cupey, PR

Pablo Varona Borges is a Puerto Rican street artist and juggler who brings inventions to life, like puppets and open-source machinery. Core to their work is recognizing and sharing the immeasurable value of reuse, recycling and/or “forgotten objects” particularly how they influence our trajectory towards self-sufficiency. Pablo incorporates re-use in a way in which we develop new techniques that work around empowerment and solidarity among citizens, often incorporating performative puppetry as an educational tool and invitation to engage with the open-source machines. Pablo has been key to the co-creation of Junktown Duende, a main artist of Loisaida Festival Parade (NYC 2016-19), a co-creator of Circo de la Plaza, Mayagëz, PR 2015-19, and the founder of Plastikeres (2018 – present).