Nirvania Quesada, 2019 NALAC Fund for the Arts, Puerto Rico Artist Grantee

Nirvania Quesada

  • Theatre (non-musical)
  • San Juan, PR
“Yo era una chica moderna”

To support Nirvania Quesada in the research, creation and development of a theatre adaptation of the novel “Yo era una chica moderna” by César Aira, culminating in three test performances which will consolidate their exploration and aid in the progression to a final piece. Hailed as an apocalyptic delirium, “Yo era una chica moderna” draws frightening parallels between Argentina and Puerto Rico’s sociopolitical and economic circumstances, while offering a radical female perspective on modernity. Quesada will create a one woman show set in Puerto Rico, highlighting the layout of the metropolitan area as critical in the monstrous fabulations we see unfold.