Nahui Ollin

  • Dance
  • Chicago, IL

Nahui Ollin has been providing programming to Chicago’s youth since 1997 as the first premier Aztec dance groups in the Midwest. A highlight is when Nahui Ollin was invited to perform and give workshops at the Smithsonian Folkways Festival in Washington DC. We have performed at the Field Museum, various universities, festivals and participated in Native American pow wows throughout the USA. Nahui Ollin means fourth movement and our programming explores how we are all connected with ancient prehispanic culture through nature, food, language, places, and words we all use. Nahui Ollin was founded to embrace and perform the indigenous, ancient ceremonial dances of Mexico. The group focuses primarily on Aztec dance (also known as the Dance of the Concheros), and other indigenous dances, songs, and poetry. Lead performer Roberto Ferreyra is a “Capitan”(chief) of our mesa de danza, one of only a few in the United States. Members of Nahui Ollin have decades of experience teaching workshops in dance, music, and art. Arts workshop examples include clay instruments, recycled materials and music, mural painting, indigenous crafts, piñatas, masks, Day of the Dead altars, and more. Our educational performance program is called “Danza Ceremoniales de Mexico” where audiences experience the living tradition of Mesoamerica with Nahui Ollin as we present the pre-Hispanic traditions of central Mexico. Vibrant and active, the dancers’ movements represent and honor elements in nature, totem animals, deities and sacred actions.Both ritualistic and spiritualistic, program highlights include authentic attire and indigenous music instrumentation, traditional songs and stories.