Moréna Espiritual

  • Presenting & Multidisciplinary Works
  • Gainesville, FL

Moréna Espiritual is an internationally acclaimed producer, musician, dancer, and director based in Puerto Rico. He is a transmasc artist of afroarawak heritage telling stories through a lens of surrealism, often exploring themes like travel and afrofuturism in his work. His most recent audio-visual world is the album “AFROCARIBEPUNK” – a timelapse/sound potion of Afro Caribbean rhythms like Merengue, Dembow and Reggaeton fuzed with rock instruments, punk rap deliveries and emo storytelling. He has directed 3 out 4 videos for this project, with the video/short film for his song “Mi Coro” screened on tour throughout Europe for Tour de Moon: Creativity in the UK and at The British Institute of Film. Recent publications and platforms to amplify his work include The Atlantic, Hyperallergic Magazine, PaperMag, Them, Harvard Radio and IMER amongst others, as well as museums like VisArts in Rockville, MD and The Latinx Project at NYU.