Mirella Espino

  • Arts Administrator
  • Minneapolis, MN

Mirella Espino grew up as the eldest daughter of Zacatecano immigrants in rural Wisconsin, often acting as an interpreter, secretary, and driver, all while still somehow a child. There’s no doubt that this experience instilled a strong sense of cultural pride, and self-motivation to do and be better, coupled with a heightened awareness of the power of those nine little numbers. Being a first-generation college student, every day after graduation has been surreal and comes with the pressure of limitless opportunities. For the moment, she is enjoying supporting artists, humanizing and increasing access to grants, and contributing to a vibrant arts ecosystem.

“I am most excited to immerse myself in a Latine arts focused curriculum that encourages peer-to-peer learning, and exposes me to different ways of being and doing whether that be fundraising, public art, artist development, Latine cultural spaces, etc.”