Lone Piñon, 2019 NALAC Fund for the Arts, Artist/Ensemble Grantee

Lone Piñon

  • Folk & Traditional Arts
  • Santa Fe, NM
Nuevas Acequias, Rio Viejo: contemporary livelihood from ancient musical traditions

To support Lone Piñon, a conjunto dedicated the survival, resilience, and continuity of traditional Northern New Mexico music, an artform with millennia of continuity that has nearly disappeared under the pressures of colonialism and displacement. After five years of dedication to the study, preservation, performance, and teaching of this art along with closely related regional traditions, and 750+ grass-roots performances, our challenge is to professionalize our field and bring this regional Latinx roots music to the same national and international awareness of other regional Anglo-American musical traditions. NFA funds would be earmarked for these professionalization expenses.