Leti Bueno

  • Arts Administrator
  • Austin, TX

Leti Bueno is the Director of Institutional Philanthropy at Nest, a nonprofit that works to advance gender equity and economic inclusion for artisans and makers worldwide. In her role, she develops and implements strategic fundraising initiatives to secure funding and institutional support for Nest’s transformative programming across the creative economy.

Beyond her work at Nest, Leti’s passion for social impact extends to her collaborations with other mission-driven organizations. She coaches artist changemakers through Music to Life, helping them amplify their work for community change. Leti also partners with Cine Las Americas to support the vital work of Latinx and Indigenous filmmakers, ensuring their stories are heard.

Leti’s expertise in community advocacy is not just professional but deeply personal. She leverages her experience to champion causes close to her heart, from the arts and immigration to refugee support and empowering women-of-color entrepreneurs.

Her extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, nationally and internationally, and specialized training in youth leadership development inform Leti’s thoughtful and grounded approach to her work, allowing her to effectively uplift the needs of creative communities while centering equity and inclusion.

“I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow Latinx leaders who, like me, are passionate about making a positive impact. Sharing stories, experiences, and ideas with others who understand our community’s unique perspectives will be enriching. I can’t wait to learn from each other, support one another, and find ways to lift the voices and experiences of our Latinx community together.”