• Folk & Traditional Arts
  • Kissimmee, FL

Kalindá, an Afro-Puerto Rican ensemble based in Kissimmee, Florida, is a living testament to the vibrant cultural heritage of Puerto Rico. Under the leadership of director Barbara Liz Cepeda, a 7th generation member of the esteemed Cepeda Family, Kalindá passionately embodies Bomba, the island’s oldest genre of music and dance. For the past five years, this exceptional ensemble has operated under the non-profit organization Escuela de Bomba y Plena Tata Cepeda, dedicated to preserving and educating the community about Afro-Puerto Rican history and culture.

With deep respect for their ancestors, Kalindá showcases the resilience, creativity, and triumph over adversity that Bomba represents. Through captivating performances on stages around Central Florida and across the country, the ensemble brings these traditions to life, honoring Puerto Rico’s cultural legacy.

Kalindá extends its impact beyond the stage, actively connecting with the Central Florida community and beyond through interactive workshops, enriching masterclasses, and educational programs. By immersing participants in the rich history, cultural significance, and profound impact of Bomba on the Afro-Puerto Rican identity, Kalindá aspires to ignite the artistic spirit within the upcoming generation.