Jade Cintrón Báez

  • Arts Education
  • Philadelphia, PA

Jade is the Founder and Director of “¡Looking Bilingüe!”, a storytelling and story-keeping series archiving, empowering and honoring multiculturalism and multilingualism within the Latiné community. Her background is as a Theatre and Language Educator specializing in teaching ESL through theatre, song & movement. Inspired by personal experiences and struggles with cultural identity, Jade focuses on the link between cultural identity and language, using the arts as a vehicle for understanding and community engaging. She holds her Masters in Arts Administration from Drexel, focusing on enhancing cultural awareness through theatre and language education. She currently serves as the Director of Community Partnerships for National Art Strategies.

“I live to amplify the voice of Heritage Latinos who are ni de aquí, ni de allá but also de aquí Y allá. We’re not American enough for the Americans and not Latino enough for the Latinos, it’s our reality. We live in Spanglish and represent a spectrum of perspectives. It’s time to understand each other and stop gate-keeping Latinidad.”