Ivette Román-Roberto

  • Music Theatre/Opera
  • Houston, TX

Ivette Román-Roberto is a Puerto Rican voice performer residing in Houston, TX. She performed at the Bienal de Poesía Visual I and V, Chopo Museum, the Sia/Poesia encounter, Bologna, the Bâtie Festival of Genève, and the NYU’s Hemispheric Institute encounters at Lima and Monterrey. She presently collaborates with Nameless Sound at projects like the Acuerdo de Música Libre and CEPROMUSIC. Recently she was a singer/activator of Okwui Okpokwasili’s Sitting on a Man’s Head, played a part in filmmaker Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s production Verano de Mujeres, and directed Réquiem at Patio Taller, the art venue of sisters Lydela and Michelle Nonó.