Ivette Román-Roberto

  • Music Theatre/Opera
  • Houston, TX

Ivette Román-Roberto (She/her) is a voice performance artist from Puerto Rico, residing in Houston, TX. She produces solo shows and lab-based community performances. In 2019 she founded the Collective of Puerto Ricans in Houston, and with its members presented RÉQUIEM, a lab-based performance at Talento Bilingüe, funded by the National Performance Network. The performance in Houston was about the loss of relatives the Puerto Ricans in Houston suffered as the result of Hurricane María and COVID-19. Simultaneously, she worked with the community of Barrio Obrero, Puerto Rico, honoring the 4,645 people who died during the hurricane. Before that, RÉQUIEM was presented at Patio Taller, the venue of Las Nietas de Nonó in San Antón, Puerto Rico, as an homage to the victims of hate crimes against LGBTQ people. Recently, the Collective repeated the performance at Lawndale Art Center of Houston, invited by David Dove, Founder of Nameless Sound.