INTEMPO, 2018 NALAC Fund for the Arts Grantee


  • Arts Education
  • Stamford, CT
Building Arts Equity of Latino Youth through a Cultural Crossover Concer

To support the representation of Latino youth in the arts, through a large-scale Cultural Crossover Concert showcasing young musicians from INTEMPO’s music-education programs. A flagship concert in partnership with Norwalk Youth Symphony and an annual community-building event, the concert will feature Argentinian tango music, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) songs, Ecuadorian charangos, and Peruvian cajones, alongside Western musical traditions, leveling the playing field of musical expression. It will be a unique opportunity for Latino youth from artistically underserved communities to explore their creative capacities, for Latino families to affirm their cultural identity, and for all to embrace the diversity within the Spanish-speaking community.