Giovana Perez-Oliveras

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Tampa, FL

Giovana Perez-Oliveras was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and moved to Florida at the age of 9 with her family, where she currently resides. Giovana has dedicated her education and career to the arts and its impact on youth and BIPOC communities. She is currently the Community Engagement Coordinator of Events at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, where she works on creating events and programs that use the arts as a tool to educate, heal, and empower local students, artists, veterans, and the general public.

Giovana is driven by (1) the essential need for arts and culture that’s embedded in every community, (2) the importance of highlighting BIPOC voices and artistry, and (3) ensuring the arts will always be accessible to all, regardless of age, race, disability, etc. Giovana is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a fellow of the NALAC Leadership Institute and the many opportunities ahead.

“I am curious to learn the strategies, solutions, and practices from other fellows that have been successfully implemented in their organizations and be able to apply them in my own to further improve my mission of enhancing the presence of arts and culture in my community.”