Estefanía Fadul/Voting Project (working title, 2019 NALAC Fund for the Arts, POD Grantee

Estefanía Fadul / Voting Project

  • Theatre (non-musical)
  • Brooklyn, NY
Voting Project (working title)

To support the creation of a civic engagement theatre project by Estefanía Fadul / Voting Project geared at mobilizing more Latinx voters to the polls in the 2020 election. The NFA funds will go towards funding artist fees for the Ensemble to gather for workshops and rehearsals to collectively use theatre for electoral change. During the funding period from January to November 2020, the ensemble will be involved in 2 workshops/rehearsals, individual research, content generation/writing, continuing education, and ultimately, performing the piece on tour in the lead-up to the election.