Erika Hirugami

  • Visual Arts
  • Los Angeles, CA

Erika Hirugami is a first-generation Mexican transnational immigrant, formerly undocumented. Hirugami is the founder and CEO of CuratorLove, the Executive Director at Art Historians of Southern California (AHSC), a professor at Santa Monica College, and the 2021 ArtsforLA Fellow. As a Getty and Kress Fellow, she has developed curatorial statements at museums across the globe. She has directed various galleries and her written work has been published internationally. Hirugami also holds multiple BAs from UCLA, where she is currently a lecturer and doctoral candidate. She also has a MAAB from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art at CGU, and an MA from UCLA entitled “Political Art Action: The Aesthetics of Undocumentedness.”

“As a first-generation Mexican transnational immigrant, formerly undocumented, my positionality and professional practice centers the undocumented spectrum. By centering the lived experiences of the undocumented community, I seek to highlight the need for increased prioritization through tactical inclusion, thought-leadership, and advocacy for my community, family, friends, and loved ones.”