Erick Rodriguez

  • Arts Education
  • Bakersfield, CA

Erick is a first-generation bilingual Guatemalan-American and an experienced youth mentor and instructor committed to supporting young people within and beyond the classroom setting. Erick attended California State University Dominguez Hills, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, emphasizing social inequalities, and is pursuing a Master in Social Work at California State University Bakersfield. As a creative, Erick is an artist, educator, and champion of the life-changing power of the arts. Erick is passionate about creating equitable access to arts education and believes every child should have the opportunity to participate in the arts.

Erick’s leadership is backed by a solid ten years of experience in building successful programs within the nonprofit sector. Erick works at CoachArt, a national nonprofit organization providing free arts and athletics programs to children impacted by chronic illness. He started as a Program Coordinator and now leads the Group Programs Department as the Program Director. In this role, Erick sets the department’s goals and vision, leading the strategic planning. His most notable achievement is the development of the national group programs model, which has more than doubled the organization’s lesson hours and has also enhanced its reach and impact.

“I look forward to building bridges with my NLI peers to ensure everyone has access to the life-changing powers of the arts. I am also excited to gain the tools and expertise to galvanize and support the next generation of movers and shakers of the art community.”