Enrique Morales

  • Visual Arts
  • Chicago, IL

Enrique Morales is an artist, researcher, educator, and arts administrator. He views all facets as integral to his creative practice. As an artist, he is installation and lens-based while simultaneously immersed in his social practice. As a researcher, his focus is cultural policy, with an emphasis on the art and sports industries. As an educator, his approach is to enhance critical and creative thinking, using questioning and listening as pedagogical tools. As an arts administrator, his commitment to building community through the arts includes broadening the scope of what our civic and cultural infrastructure can be. He sees his work in arts administration as an extension to his creative practice of and in public space. Additionally, he makes time for tennis, film, and nature. He holds a BA in Political Science and the Visual Arts from the University of Chicago and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Practice from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Chicago.

“What excites me the most about participating in the ALI is learning from each others’ experiences and building advocacy skills around the Arts, as well as growing as a cohort. Part of my personal mission is to represent Central American identities within our Latino spaces and beyond.”