• Dance
  • Oakland, CA

Founded in 2010 in Oakland by Carmen Román, an African descendant and Indigenous woman born in Peru, Cunamacué brings awareness of Peru’s African descendents by sharing their deep cultural history through music and dance. Cunamacué promotes the continuity of Afro-Peruvian culture, representing it as a living, vibrant and evolving form whose music and dance can be used as a means of contemporary expression. We aim to be an incubator of Afro-Peruvian culture through dance and music performances, original choreographies, documentaries, educational programs in schools, family dance classes, and dance publications. Cunamacué contributes to a more just world by amplifying the history, culture, voices, and ideas of African descendants from Peru using music and dance as the vehicle for transformation. We aim to bring free or low cost high quality arts programs to communities of color, youth and adults, as we believe everyone should have equitable access to quality arts education.