Cristal Gonzalez Avila

  • Theatre (non-musical)
  • San Juan Bautista, CA

Cristal Gonzalez Avila was born and raised in Watsonville, California, nourished by the apple orchards, strawberry fields y el canto de campesinos. She is a Chicana actor, director, playwright and teaching artist serving South, Central & Northern California for the past twelve years. Her work has taken her as far east as our nation’s capital, and as far south as Mexico’s capital, performing for dignitaries and migrants alike, and nothing means more to her than creating, performing, and collaborating with the community. Cristal aims to harvest the stories of the fields and elevate “la voz de la mujer” in her writing.

“My artform is more than storytelling; it’s a spiritual practice. I fight for justice in my plays, not only for my characters but for my community, understanding that spiritual protest is just as important as marching ​on the streets. Wherever I go, la voz de mi pueblo comes with me.”