Ayazamana Cultural Center ,Inc.

  • Dance
  • Astoria, NY

The mission of the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center (EACC), AKA Ayazamana Cultural Center, is to promote and advance Ecuadorian and Ecuadorian American culture in New York City through the arts by partnering with local artists and community groups. We fulfill our mission by offering low- or no-cost programs and events that allow anyone who has an interest in our culture and heritage to live the Ecuadorian experience. Our expectation is that, through our work, we contribute to the ongoing efforts of increasing cultural awareness and tolerance within our city.

The resources and support we provide to our partners through our programs include (but are not limited to) rehearsal and performance space, leadership and management training, project management, marketing and fundraising. By providing these means and resources, we ensure our partners can maximize their potential and reach broader audiences.