Angie Sanchez

  • Presenting & Multidisciplinary Works
  • Sonoma, CA

Angie Sanchez is a creative force, non-profit leader, entrepreneur, and passionate community advocate working towards creating positive change. Born and raised in Sonoma Valley, Angie proudly carries her Mexican heritage as a daughter of immigrants, allowing her to intimately understand the challenges and inequities faced by many Latino/x families today.

Driven by her personal experiences and a deep-rooted commitment, Angie founded VIDA Cultural Arts (VIDA), an organization that harnesses the transformative power of art and culture to foster unity within the community. In addition to VIDA, Angie also spearheaded the creation of Censotería, a groundbreaking initiative focused on civic engagement outreach.

With 15+ years of professional experience and an unwavering dedication to enhancing the local Latino economic, cultural, and civic livelihood, Angie has emerged as one of Sonoma County’s top leaders. Her multifaceted background and lived experiences have positioned her at the forefront of community development, inspiring and uplifting the voices of the Latino community.

“The most exciting aspect of participating in the NLI is the chance to engage with a diverse group of passionate leaders. Collaborating with them, I look forward to exchanging ideas, gaining new perspectives, and collectively exploring innovative approaches to leverage arts and culture for positive community transformation.”