Anel I. Flores

  • Literature
  • San Antonio, TX
La Otra Taller Nepantla

La Otra Taller Nepantla builds on the life of Gloria E. Anzaldua’s legacy of radical imagination uncovering decolonial alternatives to scholarship, research, the creative process, health and reciprocal relationships among lgbtqia+ Bipoc creatives. Anel I. Flores seeks to reimagine the dissemination of resources for queer writers, artists and healers by hosting the first of a lifelong, biennial, one-month, creative residency for BIPOC creatives to retreat, heal, research, present, teach and share their work without the guilt, micro-aggressions, stress, financial strain and distraction often found in institutions of learning, in the workplace and even in our own homes. 5-7 Participating practitioners will artistically collaborate on building a shared long-term vision that seeks to eradicate racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia and the “gatekeeper” model found in too many creative residency programs around the globe. Ultimately, La Taller will serve as a solitary time for each creative to nurture a current individual project while also gaining the constructive feedback and professional and spiritual support of their Taller-Cohort, for a lifetime and beyond.