• Media Arts/Emerging Practices
  • Santurce, PR

Lena Galíndez Sánchez is a Puerto Rican artist based in Vieques island. She graduated with a degree in painting from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. She is the co-founder of Lazum, a Vieques based art and fabrication studio dedicated to the production of screen-prints and sculptural objects. Her practice includes the use of digital fabrication, different printing techniques and the use of materials like mushroom mycelium. Lena is also a 2019 fellow of La Práctica, an artistic research and critic program organized by Beta Local. Rumi Basham Humphrey, cofounder of Lazum, is a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico. As a sculptor, his work explores the geometry and growth of living systems along with marine ecology. As a software artist he works with parametric systems and code to explore forms driven by patterns in nature, using those explorations as inspiration to drive new work in varied mediums. Rumi is working to develop a sculptural vocabulary based on natural patterns and forms, realized using modern tools and technology with a focus on sustainable materials.