2018 NALAC Fund for the Arts Grantee

José Jorge Díaz (Papel Machete)

  • Arts Education
  • Santurce, PR

Papel Machete is a theater and puppetry project of AgitArte, a movement organization of working class artists and cultural organizers who create projects and practices of cultural solidarity with grassroots struggles against oppression. We initiate and lead community-based educational and arts programs in the struggles for liberation. Papel Machete started on May 1, 2006, during the government shutdown in Puerto Rico, in response to the social and political crisis generated by the status of Puerto Rico as a colony of the United States. Papel MacheteÕs work is gcreated collectively. Through the use of papier m‰chŽ as a medium, we explore a wide range of arts forms and styles including toy theater, Cantastoria (picture storytelling with song), shadow theater, table-top puppetry, humanettes, cut-outs, masks, performing objects and giant puppets. Papel Machete performs in communities, theaters, the streets and protests using puppets, masks, objects and music to denounce exploitation, build solidarity, and agitate for action in the struggles of the frontline communities of the working class. Papel Machete is proud to be part of the founding and organizing committee of Titeretada, a yearly festival in Puerto Rico celebrating World Puppetry day.