Esmeralda Baltazar

  • Visual Arts
  • San Antonio, TX

Esmeralda Baltazar is a multi-media interdisciplinary artist. At the age of 19, Esme co-founded a youth-led arts organization, The Crib Collective, a space for young leaders to dialogue about social issues through Open-Mics and community-based projects. This led her to understand the importance of conversation within the art-making process. In 2007, she co-created “Dialogo” at the National Museum of Mexican Art, a mixture of ethnography and installation art that Latina magazine referred to as representing “how Latinas navigate between tradition and their modern-day lives.” Esmeralda holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters in Educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy from New York University. In 2012, in her hometown community of San Antonio, she co-created a mural, Taking It Back: After the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. The process of creation included a set of workshops that encouraged community input in the development of the mural and supported the community’s collective learning about the mural’s topic. Esmeralda is consistently balancing the individual and the collective in her art-making process for the sake of learning and healing. She envisions a community of artist, educators, activist and organizers working together to answer some of our more complex social, economic and political challenges.

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