Gerardo Jerry Cabrera

  • Visual Arts
  • San Antonio, TX

Jerry Cabrera’s Light Painting series captures the preciousness and sacredness of light through his glowing and vibrant rectangular canvasses. Although abstract, Cabrera’s stacked canvases give the viewer a visual escape and create the sensation of looking at a sunset or gazing through an open window from a dark place. Cabrera’s intent with these paintings is to, “give the viewer a narrow but vast window of light. Narrow enough not to physically fit through, but vast enough through which to visually escape.”

Cabrera lives and works in San Antonio, TX. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Texas State University and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Cabrera has exhibited nationally, and his work is included in several prominent collections, including Neiman-Marcus and the AT&T Center.

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