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Beta-Local is a San Juan based non-profit organization founded in 2009 and dedicated to supporting and promoting cultural practices and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange. It was conceived as an organization by and for artists, responding to a state of permanent crisis and disinvestment for culture and public education in Puerto Rico. Our work is channeled through three main programs, La Práctica, The Harbor and La Iván Illich.

La Práctica is a critical seminar for cultural workers of different disciplines. It is designed for those interested in creating new conditions from which to produce in and beyond established art and culture circuits. The group departs from a reflection of the Puerto Rican context, the conditions of the tropics, the Caribbean and the present time. We meet weekly throughout the year to share processes, work with guest artists and produce projects and programming.

The Harbor is an international residency program, aimed at developing long and strong
collaborative relationships with artists, curators and thinkers based outside of Puerto Rico. The Harbor works by invitation only. Guests develop workshops, public programming and projects with local cultural agents.

La Iván Illich is a knowledge exchange platform through which anyone can propose workshops, talks, study groups, and others. Beta-Local’s public programming brings together a wide range of thinkers and practitioners, placing arts and culture in dialogue with varying fields of knowledge and perspectives.

These programs are intertwined and constantly feed off each other.
They are all free of cost to participants.

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  • Services and Programs: Artwork Creation/Artistic Production, Convenings/Exchange, Funding/Direct Grants/Scholarship, Professional Development/Training, Residency - Other Artist activities in a nonschool setting
  • Primary Discipline: Visual Arts
  • Primary Social Themes: Arts/Culture, Education, History, Political
  • Organization Founding Year: 2009
  • Authorizing Official: Sofía Gallisá, Pablo Guardiola, Michael Linares
  • Official Title/Position: Co-directors
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