Border Narrative Change Grant

Supporting Latinx artists, cultural workers and organizations along the U.S. Mexico border whose work challenges, shifts and transforms perceptions about the border and migration. 

Border Arts Corridor, 2020 Border Narrative Change, NFA Grantee


In partnership with the Ford Foundation, NALAC is will support artists/ensembles, cultural workers, collectives and organizations that embody the stories, cultural knowledge and innovation of border communities and/or migrant populations. This NALAC Border Narrative Change Grant will support new or existing impact work led by arts and culture leaders on both sides of the border that can transform the perceptions and dominant narratives of the U.S./Mexico border. The cohort of award recipients will also receive training and technical assistance to improve and expand their capacity to use documentation, storytelling, arts and other forms of artistic and creative expression to advance their organizing and advocacy agendas beyond the funding period of these awards.

NALAC’s current grantmaking effort is a part of the Ford Foundation’s Reclaiming the Border Narrative initiative, is a three-year project done in collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Borealis Philanthropy, and the Center for Cultural Power. It is part of a long-term effort to penetrate attentions and expand perceptions about the border region and migration, from one of chaos and danger to one in which all communities, people, and cultures are understood, respected, and uplifted.

Nansi Guevara, 2020 Border Narrative Change, NFA Grantee

Meet the Grantees

In September 2020, NALAC held a community-led nomination process to learn about artists, cultural workers and organizations leading transformative work along the border. The cohort of grant recipients is comprised of sixteen organizations and eleven artists and cultural workers representing different communities across Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Mexico. 

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Espacio Migrante, 2020 Border Narrative Change, NFA Grantee

Driving Values

  • Art and all forms of creative expression are an essential tool in efforts to achieve social change; we believe that artists and cultural workers have always been at the forefront as leaders. 
  • The stories of border communities – including the stories of US citizens, immigrants, refugees, Indigenous peoples, and asylum seekers – are an integral part of our nation’s history and present. 
  • The inclusion of narratives from those who have been marginalized and most impacted by racism, ableism, sexism, transphobia and the criminal justice system must be elevated. 
  • The stories of border communities should be told on their terms and in their own voices. 
  • Preservation of people’s stories and experiences is vital to community wellbeing. 
NIENMORE Texas, 2020 Border Narrative Change, NFA Grantee