Regional Arts Training Workshop: Miami, FL ’15

Regional Arts Training Workshops:

Miami, FL | January 22-23, 2015

NALAC Regional Arts Training Workshops are convened throughout the nation to provide comprehensive professional development, training and a space for community dialogue among the Latino arts field and other diverse arts sectors.  These opportunities for relationship-building and networking are essential to the advancement of the Latino arts community, and the nation’s art sector as a whole. Workshop presenters and participants are of diverse backgrounds, representing all artistic disciplines, and a strong ethnic, gender, age, sexual orientation, and economic diversity.

NALAC’s workshops are one of its strategies to counteract the persistent barriers that bar Latinos from traditional sources of funding and professional opportunities. The workshops contribute to a deepening of an intergenerational association of Latino artists and arts professionals, effectively facilitating a multifaceted transfer of knowledge.  The NALAC Regional Workshops have demonstrated a great potential for cross-cultural collaborations and collective advocacy. Through the workshops, NALAC’s listens to and learns from the field in order to more successfully understand and advocate for the changing needs of artists and arts professionals across the nation. By empowering the field and providing new opportunities, NALAC can reduce economic inequalities, galvanize multigenerational networks and actualize social change in the realms of racial equity and civic engagement.

With 27 Regionals to date, participants deepen their engagement with each other, with NALAC, and together create, mobilize, and amplify a national Latino arts and cultural agenda that addresses issues of concern to historically underrepresented and disenfranchised communities.  Critical dialogue and creative thinking transpires through interactive workshops, discussion forums, artistic interventions, technical assistance, and performances.



Workshop Location:

Miami-Dade College Koubek Center

Miami, Florida

$20 NALAC Members

$40 Future Members


Eveing Receptions:

O Cimena Wynwood

Aluna Art Foundation



January 22, 2015

Koubek Center: 1:00–5:30 pm

Aluna Art Foundation: 6:30–8pm

January 23, 2015

Koubek Center: 10:00am–5:30 pm

O Cinema Wynwood: 7–9pm

Activists, Artists, Arts and Cultural Leaders,
Cultural Workers, Educators and Organizers