Michigan Latinx Art Summit



DETROIT, MI | October 7, 2016

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Two Great Events, One Movement:


NALAC Michigan Latinx Arts Summit

8:30 am – 6:30 pm, October 7, 2016

Ford Resource and Engagement Center (Mercado)

2826 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216


The NALAC Michigan Latinx Arts Summit is a key opportunity for artists, cultural workers, educators, activists, and allies from across the state of Michigan and beyond to network and build together. Next week we’ll release a full schedule! Registration to the Summit is free.


Themes & Sessions:

– Art & Social Activism 

– Creating a Statewide Latinx Arts and Cultural Movement

– Interculturality to Advance Cultural Equity

– Town Hall: Advocating for Latino Arts in Government

– Día de los Muertos Altar Workshop with Living Arts

– Conversations: Youth | Advocacy | Community Spaces

– Kickoff Reception with ArtChangeUS REMAP: Detroit 

– Mixer & Open Mic


ArtChangeUS REMAP: Detroit

October 6, 2016

The Wright Museum

315 E Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48201



The day before the Summit, October 6, we encourage you to participate in the . REMAP: Detroit will bring together artists and changemakers at the Charles Wright Museum and throughout the city to explore how the arts are driving a changing America and transforming communities. NALAC is proud to work alongside ArtChangeUS for a more equitable arts and cultures field. Check out the amazing sessions planned here.


About the NALAC Michigan Initiative

With generous support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, NALAC is making strategic investments in Michigan to bolster leadership development, grow networks and partnerships locally, regionally and nationally and provide financial resources for those front line artists and organizations involved in effecting change through arts and culture.


NALAC serves to build Latino communities and their connection to broader communities, particularly those most impacted by societal inequities. NALAC believes that if we are to achieve equity for all there must be opportunities for organizations and artists to strengthen their work, deepen their relationships, and develop and sustain cultural spaces from which to engage the public with diverse artistic expression. Furthermore, we believe that arts and culture are uniquely positioned to spark and sustain community change. While NALAC has had a presence nationally, we believe that building locally is paramount to the real, long-term and sustainable outcomes we seek alongside our communities, as such, we seek to build out capacity and encourage advocacy for and by Latino communities in Michigan through December 2016 through the following objectives: building a field and leadership conduit for Latinos in Michigan; strategic grantmaking; fostering connective tissue; amplifying advocacy and research.


The NALAC Michigan Inititative is made possible thanks to generous support from our funders, sponsors and partners. Thank you NALAC Members, Funders, Donors and wonderful Volunteers.

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