2017 has been a year of unsettling times for humanity. In the U.S., we live in a time of divisions, intolerance, fear, and prejudice driven by the country’s dominant racist framework. This has stimulated action and resistance and a renewed sense of solidarity of our struggles and journeys shared through stories and a multitude of cultural artistic expressions.

This month we check in with two organizational grantees of the NALAC Fund for the Arts from the Sonoran Desert and Motor City. We ask them what’s it’s like to be a grantee and where they see the future of Latinx arts and cultures. Borderlands Theater in Tucson, Arizona is supporting immersive theater in the historic Barrio Anita, while Motor City Street Dance Academy in Detroit, Michigan is teaching youth the dance elements of hip-hop through the S.E.E.D. program (Spreading the Elements Everywhere in Detroit). Read on to learn more about this work and how in many ways, small Latinx arts organizations already represent the future of our diverse arts and culture field.