Sarah Zapata Sarah Zapata Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Marimekko)
NALAC Fund for the Arts: Artist Grant | $5,000 | Visual Arts | Brooklyn, NY


If I could

Sarah Zapata


To support “If I could,” an exhibition by Sarah Zapata that will house monumental, abstract fiber works made from handwoven fabric, hand made basketry, and sewn forms: techniques that are experiments to understand the artist’s own cultural identity as a Peruvian-American woman. In conjunction with the exhibition, Zapata will curate a reading and performance series combating patriarchal expectation by undoing value systems. Named after the 1970 song “El Condor Pasa,” the exhibition “If I could” is a tactile embodiment of gender and cultural performativity. Drawing influences from American hooked rugs, arpilleras, and Peruvian four-selvaged cloth, Zapata makes sculpture reflecting a cultural value maintaining the integrity of traditional handcrafts practiced by women.



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