CALL FOR PAPERS: Interdisciplinary Anthologies on Home and Homeland

  • Deadline / Program Start: 2022-03-20
  • Organization: Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY
  • Organization Type: College/University
  • Location: NY, NY
  • Primary Discipline: Interdisciplinary
  • Recurring: Array
  • URL: Link

CALL FOR PAPERS: Interdisciplinary Anthologies on Home and Homeland

Jean Amato, Associate Professor; Comparative Literature; & Kyunghee Pyun, Associate Professor; Art History; Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY

We are putting together two anthologies on the representation of home and ancestral homeland in visual art/literature/film/performing arts. Pyun is an art historian; Amato is a scholar of comparative literature, film and homeland studies.

Anthology 1: Homemaking in Diaspora: Multidisciplinary Representations of Home and the Ancestral Homeland
Anthology 2: Representation of Home and Ancestral Homeland in Diasporic Asian Literature and Art

Please send a 250-word abstract and a 150-word bio by March 20, 2022 to
Selections will be finalized by May 1, 2022.
Essays should be 5000-7,000 words in length, MLA format and must be submitted by September 1, 2022 for consideration.
Images: Approximately 3 per essay.
Image permissions: October 1, 2022
Publication date: March 2023
These volumes include papers by comparative scholars from diverse disciplines of literature, cinema, art history, archeology, cultural studies, and gender studies. Both are based on three conference panels, with one focused more on Asian diasporic authors and artists and the other from a broader geographic and multidisciplinary boundary.
Our interdisciplinary volumes will reflect on how the diverse, layered, rich, and fluid representations of homes and ancestral homelands can reframe our way of viewing the material and imaginative geographies of our lives—both locally and globally, from domestic to transnational scales, and on micro and macro levels. “Home” has become a fluid and complex process of re-negotiation, rather than a given definition, which makes this topic such an intriguing, inclusive, and timely tool for an interdisciplinary humanities collection. Our project will connect, assemble, and disseminate innovative and intersectional curricular approaches to the study of home and homeland.