Call for Entries – Reeves Health Fireplace Wall Art

  • Deadline / Program Start: 2021-02-12
  • Organization: Reeves Health
  • Organization Type: None of the Above
  • Grant / Salary: 50,000
  • Location: Pecos, TX
  • Primary Discipline: Visual Arts
  • Recurring: Array
  • URL: Link

Reeves Health, Hospital Main Lobby, Fireplace Artwork

Budget: $50,000
Location: Pecos, Texas
Activated: January 12, 2021
Deadline: February 12, 2021

Call Summary
Reeves Health is pleased to announce a call for artists to be considered for inclusion in the collection of their new facility.

Reeves Health is a full-service hospital in Pecos, TX, providing Medical and Surgical Services, Radiology, Dialysis, Physical Therapy and Laboratory Service Lines. Reeves Health is dedicated to providing a broad range of health care services to the people and communities of Reeves County and adjacent West Texas communities. Reeves Health’s philosophy demands the highest regard for the human being as a total person. This involves the physical, emotional and the spiritual aspects of the patients entrusted to our care. The goal of Reeves Health is to improve the quality of patient care and to make the experience of receiving hospital and related health care services humane and respectful to the patient.

Budget Description
The project budget of $50,000 includes the creation, fabrication, delivery, and installation of the approved winning design. Ambient lighting for the space will be provided. Should additional structure or lighting be required, this will need to be included in the budget for the art piece. Artist will be responsible for the cost to install the piece, along with any safety requirements. Budget is turnkey.

Project Description
The new facility, designed by Perkins&Will, will elevate the Reeves Health campus and create an iconic design language. Conceptually, the is designed to provide access to, as well as relief from the desert landscape. The exterior design provides a rhythm of metal panels and precast concrete in tones that coalesce with the natural landscape and create controlled access to views. On the interior, spaces are design to reflect relief and connection as a warm gathering place, a modern hacienda. The color palette, inspired by the landscape the nearby Davis Mountains, aims to humanize the healthcare experience by creating uplifting, bright spaces.

Designed to be not just to be a hospital facility but a health campus, the landscape and architecture boast a shadow network that allow for movement around the building, promoting movement along with the monumental staircase in the lobby.

Artwork Goals
The finished product should be installed on a tiled terracotta wall and may be a painting, series of works, sculpture or other installation. Final dimensions should be approximately between 7’ and 9’ W x between 9’-18’ H
The overall goals of the artwork program are as follows:
• To complement and enhance (but not to overwhelm) the architecture and design of the building
• Highlight the vibrant community of Pecos
• Celebrate the surrounding natural beauty of West Texas and the Davis Mountains
• Celebrate the proximity to the artistic community in Marfa
• To involve and highlight artists within the Pecos Community
• To curate a collection with a variety of media

Artists must have experience with public art design and installation, insurance and letters of recommendation from two sources, such as architects/program managers/contractor/curator. Call is open to city, state and national artists, 21 years and older.

Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 6
• Image dimensions: 1200×1200 pixels
• Video submissions in addition to the image submissions are permitted
• Letter of interest: 500 word maximum
References: 2

Artists are permitted to apply in teams. Aritists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.

Selection process
Finalists will be asked to present their expanded initial concept or idea into a short presentation to be presented via Zoom.

Call for submissions will close at midnight on February 12,2021. All artists’ proposals will be reviewed by Reeves Health, as well as design team members from Cogswell, LLC project management and the Perkins&Will team. Three finalists will be selected by February 26,2021. Decision on a winner will be announced by approximately March 25, 2021. Installation will occur in August of 2021

Additional Details
Please contact Perkins&Will for additional for documentation, including plans and terracotta wall details. Renderings of the wall are attached.

Contact Information
Emily Shea Cartusciello
Interior Designer
2218 Bryan Street, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75201
[email protected]

Submission Delivery Information
Emily Shea Cartusciello
Interior Designer
2218 Bryan Street, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75201
[email protected]