• Deadline / Program Start: 01/01/2021
  • Organization: IncuArts Gallery
  • Organization Type: Museum/Gallery/Exhibition Space
  • Location: Online Honolulu, HI
  • Primary Discipline: Visual Arts
  • URL: Link

Alone/ Together explores ideas of intimacy and isolation. Artists from across the globe have come together in this exhibition to express their thoughts on the topic.

When viewing the exhibition, it becomes apparent that at its core exists a common thread of loss. It comes in the form of oneself, intimacy, stability, safety, and others. Yet, within each work, there is also whispering of a sense of longing. Division, lamenting, and yearning become common motifs, yet they remain subtle.

A quite solitude runs through each piece- physical barriers are represented, words of comfort spoken, screams are felt but not heard. A loving hand seals figures into jars, placing them neatly on a shelf- applying a sense of order to preservation and isolation. Within the work, interior spaces become great divides as loved ones become like strangers on a street- emotionally isolated from each other in their own homes. At times it seems as though we are witnessing a dissolving of community and even our understanding of reality. The emotional magnitude of trying to reconcile this paradox is evident, as each work points towards a yearning for something “else”.