Sayre Quevedo, Re:Construccion Sayre Quevedo, Re:Construccion Photo by Oscar Diaz
Transnational Cultural Remittances Grant | $5,000 | Multidisciplinary | USA & El Salvador



Sayre Quevedo 

Partner: The Fire Theory


To support Salvadoran communities in continuing conversations surrounding collective memory, war and intergenerational trauma Re:Construcción exists as a transmedia exhibit that explores the lasting impacts of the Salvadoran Civil War. Through photography, video and audio components, the project is concerned with personal narratives of the lives of Salvadoran individuals living in and outside of the country. The project has exhibits planned for the summer of 2017 in Brooklyn, Long Island, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and El Salvador. Through partnerships with non-profit community organizations that work with Salvadorans in every exhibit location, the project seeks to engage and continue conversations around themes of historic memory, violence, migration, and war.



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