1936 Dodge Ram, Candy Gold with Airbrushed Graphics 1936 Dodge Ram, Candy Gold with Airbrushed Graphics Photo by Victor Cordero
Transnational Cultural Remittances Grant | $6,000 | Design Arts | San Diego, CA & Tijuana, MX

Encuentro Chicano-Mexicano

Amigos Car Club

Partner: Asociación Automobilistica de Baja California


To support mutual understanding of Low-rider culture and artistic expression across the U.S.-Mexico border bringing together car clubs from Tijuana and San Diego through a series of gatherings and the Low-rider Car Show at the Annual Chicano Park Day Celebration on April 22, 2017. Encuentro Chicano-Mexico will support an intergenerational approach where older artists from the San Diego region can share the history and relevance of the Chicano experience in San Diego with their younger counterparts in Mexico and find common ground through this unique artistic expression, recognizing the diversity of this art form in both communities.



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